President’s greetings

Chairmen of the Board message

The pride of development and progress of Mongolia, and Mongolian people’s creative capability is domestic production.

First Alko Group has started its activities in the field of foreign trading of spirit distillery field since 2003. Since 2005 Alko Group has fully renovated and equipped by modern high technology equipments Germany, Italy and the United States were introduced and installed, which became significant contribution to the development of beverage and drinks production. The main grounds of our achievement are the understanding of our responsibilities during this historic period of rapid technological progress, dedication of all our efforts to the dearest customers, mobilization of our powers and potentials, thorough implementation of technological procedures and working under the slogan of “Quality is Always First”.

I would like to extend by gratitude and pay my respect to all our consumers and consumers who have been keeping the course with the development and progress of domestic production and giving valuable contribution to its further development.

Let all the good deeds prevail!

Chairman & President