Khyarin Nuur LLC- Vodka Factory

Since 2009 the company has started producing mineral water and alcohol beverages that meet the quality standard and the satisfaction of our consumers.

Following technologies were introduced to vodka distilling factory:

  • Fully automatic line by KHW Manchinenbau GmbH Germany to bottle vodkas
  • Water filtering device made by Ecowater Systems Inc of United States
  • Super Guala bottle caps made by Guala Closures Group od Italy
  • Automatic printer, made by Linx Co,Ltd of Great Britain, to print dates
  • Filtration systems and elements, made by “Techno Filter” Russian Federation, to filter vodka
  • Automatic label attaching device made by Technofood Corporate company
  • Agilient Technologies Inc., USA and have Chromatography production laboratory
  • World famous gears and equipment of “Reiner Schmitt” GmbH of Federal Republic of Germany.

We are the first one the introduce and use ecological bottle caps that don’t have any negative effects on the components of vodka, which defines the future trend of the world’s vodka bottling and packaging.

We use, in our production, filters made by “Techno Filter” of Russia as well as such filtration elements as silver, gold, membrane and charcoal to decrease the toxic quality of vodka, improves its taste and gives shiny-clear color.

In 2009 we started producing new products: Galt Us vodka

In 2010 we started producing new products: “Mongol Premium”

In 2011 we started producing new products:  “Genghis Khan”, “Naiman sharga”

In 2012 we started producing new products: 38% Vodka /Galt Us vodka limited edition/

In 2013 we started producing new products “Yesun Erdene”, “Friends”

Mineral water factory:

Filtered through full automatic system made by People’s Republic of China’s  Wentong WT-RO-5T Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment ah hour 5 tons. Then bacteria-freeing and mineralization are done on filtered water and pured, softened, mineralized fresh Galt us spring water is delivered to consumers which meets the requirements of MNS 5007-2007 standard.

Mineral water factory is fully equipped with full automatic line of “Hui Yuan Beverage Machinery Factory” of China with the capacity to bottle 10000 bottles of waters on hour. There are:

  • Pure water bottle purveying machinery made by “Ara Plastics Machine”
  • Automatic printer to number dates made by Linx Co,Ltd (UK)
  • Automatic label machine marked by HGL 2000 made by Taiwan