Bi Tse Trade LLC



Bi Tse Trade” LLC has started its dynamic operation since 2003. And in 2005 the company completed a full renovation of equipment by installing full automatic devices and equipment of the world famous “Reiner Schmitt” GmbH  it had done significant changes in technological renovation of Mongolian spirit producing sector. This one of the proven examples of  how Mongolians are keeping the course with the era of rapid technological development.

Whit the purpose to fully provide the quality and safety guarantee, the company has installed and put into operation of two “Silo” or storing facilities with the capacity to store 1000 tons of selected grade of wheat grain.

By increasing the capacity of our production and improving the quality of fermentation we are able to produce “Alpha” or high grade spirit, and manufacturing animal fodders to provide herders with ecologically friendly products using our industrial wastes.